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 Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D.
            Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Raising Cooperative & Self-Confident Children
A one-day workshop and parenting manual presented by the author, Francine Beauvoir

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The Parenting Journey
Parenting Frustrations
What this Workshop Provides
1998 Workshop Schedule
Francine's Handbook for Parents
Raising Cooperative and Self-confident Children
*This parenting workshop has been developed as a companion to Dr. Beauvoir's handbook.

The Parenting Journey  
Most of us who venture down that long-winding road called parenthood eventually arrive at a place where we clearly see that our children are not responding to us the way we hoped and expected they would. In our quest for answers, we read what child rearing "experts du jour" suggest and attempt to employ their advice. But what often happens is that the moment our kids press our "hot buttons," we lose it and soon find ourselves falling right back into the same old power struggles, or maybe even worse ones. We've given up spanking for 'time out.' We've set up positive programs with clever reinforcements. In the end, we throw the baby out with the bath water, sighing, "I've read it all and tried it all! Nothing works with my kids."  

As parents, most of us have a deep commitment to being the best we possibly can. Yet, despite our genuine search for answers, our openness to learning, our willingness to follow the best advice of psychologists and child development specialists, we find ourselves exhausted, depleted, broken-hearted, and our children far from the dream-children we wished for when we began this journey of parenting. 
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Parenting Frustrations

Are your children not listening to you?  
Do your children tend to be uncooperative?  
Do you find them non-communicative?  

If so, it is probably because you are unaware of some basic principles of parenting - the reason being, of course, that no one has ever taught you! Then it is quite likely that what you're trying to do to improve the situation is precisely the opposite of what works.  

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What is provided:
This workshop and manual provide a comprehensive program, clearly laid out, and easily implemented that has the potential to transform your relationship with your children, step-children, and grand children . . . . in fact, ALL children, regardless of their age.  

The methods you will learn, although counter-intuitive, are powerful and effective. They have transformed my family and countless parents have thanked me for the guidance and the hope it gave them.  

You can have the most cooperative children in the world. Let me show you how! 

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1998 Workshop Schedule

Sunday, MAY 17
Sunday, JULY 26
Sunday, SEPT 6
Sundayy, NOV 22

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Raising Cooperative And Self-Confident Children
A Step-By-Step Handbook For Conscious Parenting
by Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D.
____  I want one copy  (Enclose $20 plus $3 for postage and handling)
____  I want two or more copies  (Enclose $18 each plus $5 total for postage and handling)
        Mail your check with the above info to:
The Pasadena Institute for Relationships
2388 N. Altadena Drive
Altadena, CA 91001
Please call the Institute to order your copies by phone with your Visa or MasterCard.
Phone toll-free 1-800-IMAGO-50

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