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Pasadena Institute for Relationships
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Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D.
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What is the GTLYW Workshop?   

How will we benefit?   

What will we gain?   

What can we expect?   

What participants say?  

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Getting the Love You Want: 
A Workshop for Couples intensive, 2-day workshop for couples to rediscover the joy and spiritual potential of being together, while using their relationship for personal healing and growth. 
 Based on the work of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. 
Founder of Imago Relationship Therapy and author of

 What is the GTLYW Workshop?   

This intensive 22-hour workshop for couples is based on the work of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books, Getting the Love You Want - A Guide for Couples, Keeping the Love you Find - A Guide for Singles and his newest, Giving the Love that Heals- A Guide for Parents. It is based on Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Dr. Hendrix, which includes the belief that relationships form a catalyst for personal growth, healing childhood wounds and becoming a loving and fully mature adult. This Workshop will help you understand and cooperate with that process and will offer you specific ways for attaining personal, relational, and spiritual growth, as well as obtaining nurturing and care within your relationship.   



 This workshop will benefit you if:   

  • You want to enrich an already good relationship;   
  • You are beginning a relationship you want to keep;   
  • You are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve long standing conflicts;   
  • You are near a break-up and want to decide if the relationship can be saved;   
  • You are a therapist and want to improve your work with couples.   

This workshop has been useful to married, engaged, separated, divorced, and generally, all committed couples.  It is often compared to 3-6 months of weekly therapy.   


What you will gain:   

  • Greater compassion and understanding of yourself and your partner;
  • An understanding that the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of conflict;
  • Awareness of how to use your relationship for mutual healing and fulfillment;
  • Ideas for re-establishing the excitement and connection of your early times together;
  • Tools for re-romanticizing your relationship;
  • Creation of a mutual vision for the present and future of your relationship; and
  • The ability to use your relationship for emotional healing and spiritual growth.

  What you can expect:   

This Workshop includes brief lectures, guided imagery, self-reflection, written exercises, and communication processes.   

While couples are invited to participate and to build a supportive group atmosphere, they are not pressured into unwelcomed self-disclosure. The workshop emphasizes partners sharing with each other. You will not need to share with the larger group unless you so choose. You will be asked to share and communicate with your partner in structured ways designed to enhance understanding and empathy. Confidentiality is maintained in a safe and comfortable environment.   


What participants have said about the Workshop:   

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