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Pasadena Institute for Relationships
A Center for Imago Therapy and Training
Licensed Clinical Psychologists
Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D.
Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph.D. 

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Francine and Bruce  

Francine C. Beauvoir, Ph.D. and  Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph.D.  are both licensed psychologists who have been married to each other for over thirty years and have four adult children.  They specialize in working with people in relationship: couples, parents, and singles who want to be in relationship.  
Each has trained extensively under Dr. Harville Hendrix and both are on the  
faculty of The Institute For Imago Relationship Therapy in Orlando, Florida  
and are Certified as Imago Relationship Therapists, Workshop Presenters and Clinical Instructors (call 1-800-729-1121 for verification).  They are in  
demand as speakers, are experienced educators and train therapists in Imago Relationship Therapy.  Pasadena Institute For Relationships is the West coast training center for Imago Relationship Therapy.  Both are members of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Imago Relationship Therapy.  They co-founded the Pasadena Institute For Relationships in California in 1990.  

 Meet Francine. . .   

Francine received her Ph.D.from the University of Southern California (USC). She was born and raised in France and is now starting to bring the Imago Couples Workshop to Paris.  She has written a book on parenting called, "Raising Cooperative And Self-Confident Children."  She presents a one day workshop for parents by the same name.  


  Meet Bruce. . .   

Bruce received his Ph.D. from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in  
Pasadena.  He was raised in China of missionary parents and met and married Francine in Paris, making them truly an international duo.  He is one of five national Certified Master Trainers in Imago Therapy.  Formerly, he was Chief Psychologist at Sierra Royale Psychiatric Hospital in California for 14 years and directed the clinical psychology internship training program there for Ph.D. candidates from APA approved programs.  Also, he and his business partner, John Dick, Ph.D. of JPL, developed the SpringWalker which he says will revolutionize transportation in the 21st century.  



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