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Carol A. Anderson, MS, MFCC
Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Counselor

Carol's Favorite HOT Links

Self-help Resources
Professional Resources
Other Hot Sites
Other Imago Therapists
Other EMDR Therapists

Mental Health Sites - Self-Help Online Resources

Child Abuse Recovery Project (Research project needing survivors)
"Damaged Care" (Cases of HMO malpractice in mental health)
Divorce Page (Support for those divorcing)
Dr. Bob's Abuse Page (Excellent site defining abuse)
EMDR (A revolutionary new therapy for trauma)
Emotional Needs Questionnaire (Emotional needs being met in your relationship?)
Energy Therapies Home Page(A description of the newest forms of therapy, plus try-it-out directions)
Energy Therapy Links(Links to some of the more popular energy therapies)
Grief Net (Self-help to deal with grief)
Imago Relationship Therapy ( Resources and workshops)
Mental Health Net (Self-help and professional resources)
National Panic and Anxiety News (Newsletter)
Net Town | CounselorNet (Self-help sites with a bulletin board and counselors)
Parent Soup (Parenting tips)
Parent Time (Tips and chat with experts)
Relationship Growth Online (Inventory and workbook for relationship growth)
Stress Free (Self-help to deal with stress)
"Talking to Your Kids about Tough Issues" (CBS News' Parenting Points)
Thought Field Therapy (TFT - Rapid relief/amazing results for many emotional problems)
Trauma Pages (Resource for PTSD and other traumas)


Mental Health Sites - Professional Resources for Therapists and Others Interested

American Assn. of Marriage & Family Therapy (Professional Assn.)
Behavior Online (Professional resource for therapists)
California Assn. of Marriage & Family Therapists (Professional Assn.)
Cape Cod Institute (Workshops for therapists)
EMDR (A new therapy for trauma)
Imago Relationship Therapy ( Resources, trainings, and workshops)
Int'l Assn of Marriage & Family Counselors (Assn. for therapists)
Mental Health Net (Self-help and professional resources)
Thought Field Therapy (Rapid relief for many problems)


Other Hot Sites - Business, Travel, Art, Music, Fun

Blue Mountain Greetings (FREE and fun animated Greeting cards)
Bob's Music Links (A fun mix of all types of music. Listen while you surf)
Field of Dreams (Women in Business WebRing)
Offices Online (Website directory for businesses)
Southwest Air (Book your own Ticketless travel)
The Register (Over 750 B&Bs around the country)
Virtual Flowers ( Send a real or virtual bouquet to someone special)
Webmuseum: Bienvenue! (Classical and modern art on the net)
Yaskawana's Midi Site (Classical music site)


 Other Imago Therapists' Sites

Geoffrey Byrd, MS - Winchester, Virginia
Angeline Fitch, Ph.D.- Calgary, Alberta
Dawn Lipthrott, MSW, LCSW- Orlando, Florida
Pat Love, Ph.D. - Austin, Texas
RobertMacIntrye, Ph.D./ Mary DeVries, M.Ed. - Orangeville, Ontario
Hedy Schleifer, MA - Winterpark, Florida and also Israel
Ed Shea, LCSW - Elmhurst, Illinois
Sophie Slade, Ph.D. - Montreal, Quebec
Larry Weckbaugh, MHS, CHCII - Denver, Colorado
Mary Elizabeth & Doug Welpton - Boston, Massachusetts


 Other EMDR Therapists' Sites

David Baldwin, Ph.D.- Eugene, Oregon
Thomas E. Denham, M.Div. - Snellville, Georgia
Peggy Elam, Ph.D.- Nashville, Tennessee
Ricky Greenwald, Psy.D. - Ithaca, New York
Dawne Kimbrell, Ph.D. - Nashville, Tennessee
Dan Opdyke, Ph.D. - Atlanta, Georgia
Don Rosenberg, MS - Chicago, Illinois/Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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